Go Tankless - Water Heaters for your home

What is green, can end some family fights, save you money, may come with a rebate, and is recognized by Consumer Digest? Tankless Water Heaters can save you money, help you save the planet, and provide an unending supply of hot water.

Do you have someone in your home that seems to drain all the hot water out of the tank every time they take a shower? What if you have more than one shower in use at a time and are running the dishwasher? Can your hot water system keep up? A man with a leaking hot water tank and three teenagers daughters writes an article about his decision making process and his satisfaction after going tankless that you can read here.

We like Navien condensing tankless water heaters and have a coupon for them good through 3/31/14. Navien’s condensing tankless water heaters supply an unending supply of hot water on demand. Their tanks are activated the moment you turn on the hot water and provide an endless supply of hot water no matter how many times or how long you leave the hot water running. Can your hot water tank do that?

You can have it all: substantial savings, green plumbing that is good for the environment, quality, performance, and good value for your hard earned dollars. Navien tankless water heaters have a 0.97 Energy Factor, making them very energy efficient. They have a built in water recirculation system that recirculates hot water so it is not wasted and lowers customer’s water bills each month. “Navien's state-of-the-art technology means their product has a longer life span and lower operating costs than other water heaters, compounding customer savings. This, coupled with Navien's space-saving wall-mount design, which frees up your home's real estate space, only increases the money customers will save.”

Homeowner Tankless Water Heater Information

Navein has more information and videos here about tankless water heaters for the home.

Detailed video about Navein Tankless Water Heaters

Heat and Hot Water Combo Home Units

Navien also makes combo units for the home. They provide both heat and hot water to large homes. The video shows a conversation between the homeowner and the man installing this incredible Combi-Boiler.

Consumers Digest Recognizes the Navien

Navein was chosen as a Consumer Digest 2012 Best Buy award in the “gas tankless water heater premium” category by receiving the highest score aggregate of criteria, including energy efficiency, features, and warranty.


Go toward bottom of Navein's rebate page and put in your zip code to see what is available in your area.

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